What can and cannot be imported to South Cyprus from the TRNC
What can and cannot be imported to South Cyprus from the TRNC
March 15, 2023 12:04

The following goods for personal use are allowed to be carried through the checkpoint on the Green Line: 
• two packs of cigarettes (40 pcs.) (any person over the age of 17) 
• one liter of an alcoholic beverage (any person over the age of 17) 
• products and goods worth up to 260 euros that are not on the list of prohibited items and are not subject to restrictions 
• small number of agricultural products (maximum 3 kg or three bundles) 
• small number of minimally processed non-animal products such as olive oil, halva, jams, pickled olives, juices, nectars and fruit drinks (apple, grapefruit, pineapple, cherry, peach, apricot, orange and pomegranate) 


It is forbidden to import: 
• Cigars (above the norm) and cigarillos, tobacco, heated tobacco products  
• fakes and imitations of well-known brands (neither one item is allowed) 
• fuel 
• animals and products of animal origin (except for fish, though it can only be imported for commercial purposes, and must have a certificate of conformity issued by the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce and Industry 
• honey 
• plastic and plastic disposable tableware 
• ornamental plants (trees, shrubs, potted plants) 
•        fruit trees 
• pine trees, plane trees, and chestnut trees firewood (other types of firewood for commercial or personal use (up to 25 kg) are allowed for import, accompanied by relevant documents) 
• seeds (for planting) 
• vine and vigne 
• citrus trees and citrus fruits are prohibited for transportation on a commercial basis (otherwise, accompanying documents are required) 
• potatoes for commercial sale (transportation is possible subject to the provision of relevant documents) 
• medicines (a small amount can be brought accompanied by supporting certificates) 
• narcotic and psychotropic substances, anabolic steroids, pesticides 
• weapons, accoutrements 
• antiquities 
• cash — more than 10 000 euros or equivalent in other currencies (for higher amount supporting documents are required) 
Customs Department of the Republic of Cyprus clarifies that the published list of goods is indicative. Check before your trip.

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