Instalment payment plans and loans.

Interest-free instalment payment plan!

This payment option can be used:

  • when buying under construction property
  • when buying ready-to-move-in property

We offer you:

  • a customized payment plan
  • an interest-free instalment payment plan after the delivery of the property object. In some cases, installment plans can be provided for up to 7 years, depending on the residential complex.

Loans for up to 10 years at annual interest rates of 5% or 9% without income statements and guarantors!

In Northern Cyprus you can obtain the loan directly from the property developer.

Therefore, there's no need to provide any income statements or guarantors.

Property developers consider each case individually and offer convenient terms of the loan and payment plans.

  • the loan repayment period lasts for 2 to 10 years on average
  • the loan implies a down payment of 30-50%
  • annual interest rate varies from 5% to 9%
  • the property serves as a security guarantee for the loan.

NB! A buyer of the property acquired with loans or instalment payments is entitled to use the property during the loan period:

  • you can live there
  • you can rent out your property
  • you can get TRNC residence permit

However! The title will be transferred to your name only after full repayment of the loan.

NB! New developments in Northern Cyprus are delivered on a turnkey basis:

  • full interior fit-out
  • all the necessary sanitary ware is installed (including bathroom furniture)
  • built-in furniture (sometimes even kitchen appliances).