Property maintenance costs

This section will outline the monthly fees payable for property maintenance in Northern Cyprus, as well as other costs associated with owning property there.

Fees payable upon the delivery of the property to the owner (at the house commissioning stage):

  • Electric meter

Once you have accepted the property from the developer, you need to have an electric meter installed. It is performed by the employees of “Kibtech” power company. The cost of installing is 1,100TL.

  • Water meter

You also have to install a water meter to measure the volume of water consumed. The cost of installing is 400TL, which is payable to the accounts department of the property development company at the stage of receiving the keys.

Monthly maintenance costs

Property owners pay the public utilities bills monthly in accordance with the consumption:

  • Water – 1 cubic metre / 8TL (payable by pre-paid electronic water cards in the accounts department of the property development company);
  • Electricity – 1 kW / 0,65TL;
  • Gas bottle of 16TL – 48TL (one bottle will last for up to 3 months);
  • Electric meter (monthly fee) – 35TL;
  • Internet - 4Mbit / 70TL
    • 8 Mbit / 90TL
    • 10 Mbit / 100TL
  • Mobile Services (maximum package – “Mega-package” (unlimited calls within the network, 100 minutes of international calls, 10,000 SMS, 3Gb of internet) – 70TL

Annual maintenance costs

Maintenance fees are to be paid once a year and vary depending on the type residential complex where the property is located. Maintenance fees in Northern Cyprus range from £250 to £350 per annum (about €290 - €410 per annum, i.e. €24 - €34 monthly). There are residential complexes where the price of maintenance can reach the mark of £120 per month, so we recommend that you specify the price beforehand.

Maintenance costs are payable in the accounts department of the Managing Company.

The list of Maintenance services includes:

  • Site lighting and cleaning;
  • Gardening services;
  • Pool cleaning services;
  • Hallway lighting and cleaning;
  • Elevator lighting and cleaning.