Residence permit

Obtaining Residence Permit (for Northern Cyprus property owners)


Documents required for obtaining the residence permit based on immovable property acquisition:

  1. a registered Contract of Sale
  2. a title deed to a property in the owner's name (the right of ownership to a property)
  • There are no limits of the property cost 
  • There is no need to set up a business or a company
  • There are no limits on the period of stay in the country
  • The procedure of obtaining the TRNC residence permit is quite easy
  • To obtain the residence permit, you don't need to take any exams

Criteria for obtaining residence permit for foreign nationals who own immovable property in the TRNC:

1. You must possess a property suitable for residence;

2. If the title deed (a legal document stating and proving someone's right to own a property) is divided into shares, the residence permit is issued for only one of the shareholders;

3. A property owner can obtain residence permit for their family members;

4. If the property purchase price has been paid in full, the property owner must provide a bank statement proving that they have 1 monthly minimum wage (which is 33.926  TL), multiplied by 12 months (for each family member) on their bank account;

5. If the property purchase price hasn't been paid in full (installment payment plan/loan stated in the contract of sale), a property owner must:

  • make a down payment on the property – not less the 30% of the value;
  • provide a bank statement proving that he/she has a minimum monthly wage of  33.926  TL × 12 months as well as a monthly payment stated in the Contract of Sale;
  • a copy of the application for the transfer of the title to the property owner's name submitted to the Council of Ministers;

6. You have to undergo a medical examination in a TRNC State Hospital (to check if he/she has any dangerous infectious diseases);

7. You also have to take out a medical insurance policy at the stage of obtaining residence permit.

The following documents have to be submitted to the Immigration Department of the local police stations where you reside:

  • a Resident's Certificate (“Ikamentgah Belgesi”) issued by local authorities (“Belediye”)
  • a bank statement
  • a receipt from the hospital
  • a registered contract of sale along with a copy of application for the transfer of the title to a purchaser's name, or title deed of a property under a purchaser's name
  • an insurance policy (at the time of receiving residence permit)
  • passport :
  1. valid for not less than 6 months (for non-EU citizens)
  2. valid for not less than 2 months (for EU citizens, or the citizens of the states having official representative offices in the TRNC)
  • a clean criminal record certificate issued by the authorities of your country of origin
  • 2 photos
  • stamps (“Damga Pulu”). The amount required is constantly changing, so you need to verify it at the moment of applying

In case a property owner applies for the residence permit for their family, they must provide additional documents confirming the relationship (marriage certificate and/or birth certificate for children under the age of 18).

A residence permit is issued by the Immigration Department within 30 days.

  • First 3 years, Residence permit is granted for 1 year
  • Then (after getting 3 first residence permits), provided that the title has been transferred to the purchaser's name, residence permit is granted for 2 years
  1. If a person owns a property in Northern Cyprus, all their family members are entitled to obtain a residence permit.
  2. Children under the age of 18, as well us invalids residing in the TRNC together with their parents/legal guardians don't need to apply for a residence permit, as this groups of citizens are granted a residence permit automatically as soon as their parents/legal guardians have been granted it.

After obtaining residence permit, you can stay in Northern Cyprus during the validity period of the permit.

You can apply for renewing your residence permit not earlier than 60 days before and not later than 20 days after the expiry of your current permit.

Why to obtain a residence permit?

It is believed that a person needs the TRNC residence permit just to avoid the need to leave the country every time you want to renew a short-term visa. That's only one of the advantages of having the TRNC residence permit.

The TRNC Residence Permit entitles foreign citizens to:

  • obtain a national health insurance
  • enroll children in preschool and school institutions
  • open accounts in local banks
  • get British, German, US, Italian visas under a simplified procedure (as the embassies of the aforementioned countries are located in the TRNC)

NB! Residence Permit entitles you to only reside in the TRNC during its Validity period. It does not carry the right to work or do business within the TRNC territory. To start a business or get employed in Northern Cyprus, you will need to obtain an additional permit.

The TRNC citizenship

The TRNC citizenship can be granted to foreign nationals who have significantly contributed to the country's economical/political development.

We will gladly help you!

The specialists of the Casa di sole investment LTD will provide you with free advice that will help you:

  1. collect all the necessary documents
  2. have necessary translations made
  3. open account in a local bank
  4. address all the issues at any stages of getting the Residence Permit

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