Once you have decided on the property, you need to hire a solicitor to represent your interests. The TRNC legal system is based on the UK legal system.

Contracts (the Contracts of sale) in Northern Cyprus are drawn up and signed with the assistance of a solicitor having the license for practicing law, issued by the competent authority in TRNC.

It is a solicitor who is intended to protect the buyer's interests as well as negotiate and agree on all the contract terms in order to avoid disputes. A solicitor is obliged to check the legal purity of the transaction and prepare all the documents necessary for transferring the title to the buyer's name. During the transaction, a solicitor checks and verifies the authenticity of the documents relating to the purchase of property in Northern Cyprus (title deeds, approval documents and permits).

It's important to remember that after signing the Contract of Sale, it has to be registered in the TRNC Land Registry within 21 days upon being signed. The registration of the Contract of Sale secures the property object from any illegal actions of the vendor (for instance, resale, putting a property under mortgage, etc.). Once the Contract of Sale has been registered in the Land Registry (even without the title deed), you are fully entitled to dispose of the property object at your discretion, namely, live there, rent it out or sell it, when necessary. Moreover, if the property object has been commissioned, and you have got the Contract of Sale registered, you have the right to apply for residence in Northern Cyprus.

Then, a solicitor prepares a set of documents and submit them to the TRNC Council of Ministers to get permission for the transfer of the title. If all the documents were prepared by highly-qualified specialists (solicitors), there won't be any impediments to obtaining the permission.

After you have obtained the purchase permission from the Council of Ministers, the shared title deed is transferred into the buyer's name. The procedure for obtaining the purchase permit and transfer of the title can take from 4 months to a year.

If necessary, a solicitor can act on the buyer's behalf under a power of attorney to represent the buyer's interests in all the authorized institutions in the buyer's absence (for instance, to obtain permits or other documents, necessary for transactions). The cost of legal services in Northern Cyprus varies depending on the legal conveying pack and the solicitor's qualifications. Full pack of legal services is about £1,300 on average. Legal support is paid either in full or partly upon signing the contract with a solicitor (depending on the agreement between the parties).

We have formed partnerships with the best legal advisers (solicitors) in Northern Cyprus, which ensures a fast and secure purchase procedure.