What about a drone shooting in Northern Cyprus?
drone shooting in Northern Cyprus
July 26, 2019 13:17

Be careful, there are nuances! 
Today it is impossible to imagine the creation of video content without the Aerial shooting using a drone. No matter if it’s a commercial project necessity or just views from a personal trip, it’s hard to do without a drone. 
In some countries, registration of any drone is compulsory. In others, the need to register depends on the weight of the drone and the shooting location. There are also countries where the laws on this issue are even more democratic. 

And what about the drones in Northern Cyprus? 
From practical experience, we can say that most of people use unregistered drones here. But, it should be remembered that you can not fly up close and shoot military facilities, critical infrastructure facilities, and the border. This is due to cool relations between the north and south of Cyprus. 
But, in order to be 100% sure of the legality of using a drone in Northern Cyprus, we recommend that you still register it with the Department of Civil Aviation of the TRNC. The department is located at Ercan Airport at: 
KKTC Civil HavacIlIk Dairesi 
5G44+RW9, Meric 99100 
Phone: +90 (392) 600 51 00 
Email: info.havacilik@gov.ct.tr 

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