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    The following is included in our Property Inspection Trip:


    Consultations in our office or online
    Choosing suitable dates for the trip
    Assistance in booking tickets
    Meeting and transfer
    Meeting you at the airport
    Free transfer
    Free accommodation for 5 days
    Inspection of properties
    Inspection of infrastructure
    The Island
    Getting acquainted with the island’s culture
    Meeting with lawyers
    Legal advice
    Legal support
    The advantages of Northern Cyprus


    Booming property market

    Property price in the region experiences 10% capital growth annually – profitable investment.


    Affordable properties

    You buy new completely finished apartments with built-in furniture at the most affordable prices. Buying off-plan is even cheaper!


    Guaranteed rental income

    The rental income on your property in Northern Cyprus can reach the mark of 14% per annum.


    Reasonable property maintenance cost

    Annual property tax is just 0,2 euro/1 sq.m.


    Crime-free zone

    Cyprus ranks 5th in the world and 1st in Europe in terms of safety. There are no homeless people or refugees in Northern Cyprus.


    Visa-free entry

    You can obtain a residence permit within 21 days regardless of the acquired property value.



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    Get access to the most profitable offers! Often properties with the best terms of sale are purchased before the information about them is posted on the website.

    New offers
    Apartment 2+1 ID 037021 penthouse
    Property type: Apartments
    Rooms: 2+1
    Location: Kuchuk-Erenkoy
    Price: 200,000 £
    Apartment 1+1 ID 037023
    Property type: Apartments
    Rooms: 1+1
    Location: Bafra
    Price: 154,000 £
    Apartment 2+1 ID 037031
    Property type: Apartments
    Rooms: 2+1
    Location: Boaz
    Price: 196,500 £

    We can be trusted

    We are professionals with solid experience in Northern Cyprus real estate.

    We will accompany you at all stages of the property purchase procedure.

    Property developers are the leaders in the Northem Cyprus real estate market

    We represent the biggest Northern Cyprus property developers with more than 45 years of experience.


    1st payment – just 25% of the cost

    1st payment – just 25% of the cost

    Pay 60% of the price and get the keys

    Interest-free installment payment plan for 24 months

    We take care of generating income from rental properties

    We help with property management and can guarantee you a high rental yield on investment property.

    After-sales service and support

    We will help you with settling in and adjustment to the culture (schools, kindergartens, residence permit and etc.). We are also happy to assist you in property management and leasing.


    Client feedback

    Before my trip to Cyprus I could barely imagine what kind of country Northern Cyprus was...

    Incredible country with approachable, benevolent people. It doesn’t feel like it’s Turkish territory, it feels like you’re in Montenegro – all people are very friendly to each other. There are a lot of international students – just like Babylon. You feel absolutely safe both in cities and the coastal part. We even hitchhiked to the nearest city, absolutely for free. I want to point out that specialists there are highly qualified…


    17 July 2019