Property prices overview in Northern Cyprus in 2023
February 01, 2021 00:00


In the TRNC, as in all other countries of the Western Hemisphere, everything has risen in price. Real estate prices are among the first ones in this list.

The prices for rental apartments have risen substantially. And the number of people who want to buy property in a warm and safe country has grown greatly. Just in few last months, investors and incomers have snapped up almost all of the finished and most appealing real estate at the stage close to completion. Today it is really hard finding something decent among ready-made apartments. Interesting options for purchase appear among new objects with a commissioning date only in 2024 or later. But even in this case, the best real estate options are sold out within a month after the start of construction and the start of sales. And all this is despite the fact that even at an early stage of entering the project, the stage of foundation excavation, real estate prices have increased a lot compared to the previous years.
Of course, real estate in Northern Cyprus continues to have the most attractive prices in the Mediterranean region, but it is no longer possible to buy an apartment for £36,000, as it was back in 2021.

Current real estate prices

Studio from  £ 55 000
1+1 from  £ 70 000
2+1 from  £ 75 000
3+1 more £ 100 000
Villas  from  £ 250 000
Townhouse from  £ 225 000
Bungalow from  £ 395 000



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