Northern Cyprus is World’s Top 10 best places to retire
April 15, 2022 01:50

The popular American online resource Live and Invest VERSEAS, which studies the best places in the world for living and investing, has conducted a study on the topic: “Where should I move in to retire in 2022?”

Researchers pay attention to the fact that people should embrace the many opportunities that the world offers today. You should diversify your lifestyle and investment portfolio to be sure that in advance age you will not be at the mercy of any single government, economy, market or currency, and are able provide yourself and your family with a decent lifestyle.

What are the best places for relocation the world offers this year?

The researchers have derived the Retirement Index on a country-by-country basis in 2022. The list includes the TOP 10 countries in the world where you can live decently in advanced age.

Please note that Northern Cyprus in this List is ranked 4th as the best country for relocation.

1. Portugal
2. Mexico
3. Belize
4. Northern Cyprus
5. France
6. Ireland
7. Italy
8. Ecuador
9. Thailand
10. The Dominican Republic

What are the advantages of Northern Cyprus for relocation noted in the Index?
This island offers year-round sunshine, pristine beaches, and clear-blue water - everything you need for a great vacation and a happy life.

English is widely spoken, and it is easy to do business here. The expat community is large and welcoming, the culture is rich, and the crime rate is low.

But most of all these parts are distinguished by unbelievably low-priced property investment opportunities. New apartments in modern complexes with all amenities cost from $50,000 at today's rate.

When buying any real estate unit, regardless of the price, you can easily get a residence permit for permanent residence in the country.
The most attractive places to move to Northern Cyprus are Iskele, Kyrenia and Famagusta.

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