Key ready Northern Cyprus home with a developer payment plan
Key ready Northern Cyprus home with a developer payment plan
August 15, 2019 12:26

It is very rare to get a key ready property with an extended developer loan or installment plan.  This is because 99% of all developer loans are on off plan or under construction properties. 


Most new build sites are selling out well before they are completed.  So, if you are seeking a key ready, build home, you must go for a resale (for which you currently need to be a cash buyer).    

We realise that this means some people are currently excluded from the fast-moving Northern Cyprus property market.


Please also bear in mind that the sale price of developer new build properties can be up to double the cost of the same size older property.  This is due to the huge increase in Northern Cyprus land value, materials and building costs over the last few years.


It can be best to try to raise money in your home country, where interest rates are also lower, and become a cash buyer.

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