How to order bottled potable water and gas in your kitchen in Northern Cyprus
April 08, 2022 04:24

When you live permanently in Northern Cyprus, you might face basic household needs that are not so easy to solve in a new country with whose lifestyle pattern you are still not familiar. For example - how would you order bottled water or gas in your kitchen? We'll tell you.

In stores, drinking water is sold in bottles in many sizes and formats. The best option for purchase and subsequent replacement is a 19 liters bottle. If you do not initially have any empty 19 l bottle, then you can purchase it at the nearest store, already filled with water. Its price will be somewhere around 100-120 lire. Also, for ease of use, you can purchase a manual or automatic pump.

When you run out of water, take your empty bottle, and go to the nearest grocery store. There you exchange your empty bottle for a full one. The current price is 20 lire. If you have a car, bringing a 19-liter bottle of water will not be a problem. If you don’t have a car, it is a little bit harder. However, you can always order water with delivery up to the door. It is enough to call or text in WhatsApp at +905488270102. Just enter your address and the number of water bottles to be exchanged. The replacement cost is the same 20 lire. Delivery time is on the day of the order or the next day, depending on what time the order has been made.

Delivery of a bottled gas is being ordered at the same telephone number. The 10 kg gas cylinder delivery cost is 272 lire today, and 75 lire for 3 kg gas cylinder. You give your empty cylinder to the courier, and in return you receive a new cylinder filled with gas.
On average, 10 kg gas cylinder is enough for 3-4 months, 19 liters of potable water for 1 week. It all depends on your consume.

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