Esentepe Coast
Esentepe Coast
July 26, 2019 13:17

The name Esentepe was originally used only for the hilltop village but has now become extended to refer to a general coastal area stretching for many miles.

Below Esentepe village, the general area which takes the name “Esentepe” stretches along a coastal distance of about 5 miles from the 18 hole Korineum Golf Course to the east – all the way to the brand new Esentepe Beach to the west with much in between.  Although these Esentepe coastal facilities are by no means on a “windy hill” they have all taken the name of the nearest village for want of any other pre-existing town or village nearby when they were built. 

The championship standard 18 hole Korineum Golf Club has fabulous Korineum Beach Club, Restaurants and Spa – all open to non-residents.  

The best-known beaches in the Esentepe area are the brand new Esentepe public sandy beach with restaurant, beach bar and sunbeds – and the smart private Korineum Beach Club (open to the public for a daily fee).   New villages such as Turtle Bay village and Sea Magic offer their residents private beaches.

Popular local restaurants in the heart of Esentepe village itself are Remzi’s and Tumba, and on the coast near to the Esentepe beach, the Stone Castle is popular – with the Korineum Golf club restaurant and nearby Taro Brasserie offering luxury dining options.
There is a petrol station close to the village turn off.

Average distances:
•        Kyrenia 25 minutes,
•        Ercan Airport 45 minutes, 
•        Larnaca Airport 1 hour 30 minutes

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